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Concerted coordination for the promotion of efficient multimodal interfaces

The DELTA project addressed the problems and needs associated with passenger transport systems that are faced with high and steep seasonal demand. The focus of the project was on regional transport systems rather than on national or international scales.

The project defined and validated intelligent mobility tools and practices guidelines, as well as policy guidelines addressing the optimum management of seasonal demand for transport areas with proven relevant problems. The end result took the form of a Decision Support Instrument (DSI) to help the local transport or other agencies to apply techniques and strategies that minimize the unnecessary passenger trips, create efficient multimodal interfaces and synergies between the local transport means and maximize the use of their resources.

Since, due to its nature, the project did not aim to develop any new system, technology or method, the innovative character of DELTA was demonstrated by gaining insight and uncovering aspects that play major role in the variation of transport demand in areas with seasonal peaks, by integrating in the proposed solutions factors that affect the variation of transport, by encouraging synergies and multimodality among the available transport resources and infrastructure, and by giving the local stakeholders tools that will facilitate their plans and decision making process to smooth out the seasonal peaks and create a sustainable urban environment. In areas where intelligent mobility solutions already exist, however the variation of transport demand still remains, the project examined the reasons for the failure of the measures applied. Where applicable, best practices was identified and analyzed too.