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Sustainable Transport for Areas with Tourism through Energy Reduction

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Sustainable Transport for Areas with Tourism through Energy Reduction
IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe
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STARTER was developed to encourage more sustainable solutions to meet the seasonal demand for transportation and mobility services created by tourism in five different European tourist destinations, including the Balaton region, Hungary; Fuerteventura, Spain; Kos, Greece; Noordwijk, The Netherlands and Werfenweng, Austria.

“Greening” seasonal traffic through emphasing alternative sustainable transport modes and mobility measures requires cooperation between the transport and tourism sectors, environmental organisations and economic development agencies and local and regional authorities. STARTER worked by engaging various stakeholders in the development of Local Travel Plan Networks (LTPNs). A LTPN is a group of organisations that come together to share resources and ideas for creating a package of measures that will encourage more sustainable travel choices and reduce reliance on the car.

Through STARTER, the adoption of a common strategy for managing the challenges of seasonal traffic demand was implemented through developing LTPNs whose measures result in 10 percent energy savings. In the five regions participating, STARTER increased awareness and knowledge of LTPNs and mobility management among policy-makers, transportation providers, tourism bureaus, economic development agencies and users of transportation services. The knowledge developed was shared on the project website but also through reports, journal articles, workshops and conferences